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"We are ready to enter a new era. Join us as we explore the world and beyond."

Clemens Gähwiler
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Solar Orbiter will get very close to the Sun. This will allow it to observe and study the solar atmosphere with high spatial resolution and collect unique data and images of the Sun. Copyright: ESA/AOES).


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The world’s leading supplier of composite structures for rockets, which have been successfully used in over 400 launches to date.

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Beyond Gravity, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, is the first startup to combine agility, speed and innovation with decades of experience and proven quality. Around 1600 employees at 12 locations in six countries (Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Germany, USA and Finland) develop and manufacture products for satellites and launch vehicles with the goal of advancing humankind and enabling the exploration of the world and beyond. Beyond Gravity is the preferred supplier of structures for all types of launch vehicles and a leader in selected satellite products and for constellations in the New Space sector. In 2021, the company generated a revenue of around CHF 320 million. More information at: